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Ketogenic Therapeutic Mastery Courses

Ketogenic Metabolic therapy can be a confusing, overwhelming topic.

Beth Zupec-Kania and Denise Potter have designed a course to assist you in becoming a competent ketogenic practitioner.

Here’s what you will gain…

• Clarity on conditions that ketogenic metabolic therapy can benefit

• Direction on how to screen candidates before initiating therapy

• Confidence in the art and science of prescribing ketogenic diets

• Ability to handle tough cases through case reports

• Access to quarterly live Q & A

• PowerPoint slides from all courses

• Critical thinking skills for selecting supplements

• Downloadable resources and patient/client handouts

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Foundational Ketogenic Mastery Course includes:

• Ketogenic metabolic therapy overview

• Variations in ketogenic therapies

• Diet preparation

• Enteral nutrition

• MCT oil

• Fats and oils

• Adverse effects - preventing and mitigating

• Laboratory studies