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How To Manage Your Diet With KetoDietCalculator

KetoDietCalculator is an important - and free - meal calculating tool for following a controlled ketogenic diet.

KetoDietCalculator calculates meals in grams based on your individual macronutrient needs, and, food preferences, and enables you to formulate full meal plans, and, has an extensive library of ketogenic recipes i.e. smoothies, bread, cookies, crackers. A database of nutritional supplements and medications with carbohydrate content is included. The program also has a built-in fluid calculator to assist in recommending sufficient hydration during keto therapy. Another feature is a Help Line for medical professionals to ask questions and learn from others. In addition, an extensive library of support documents and guides is included. The program can be accessed on computers and mobile devices.

The calculator is available for anyone to use - although a licensed nutritionist must provide initial access to patient or client users after setting up a diet calculation.

If you use KetoDietCalculator, I kindly ask that you submit a donation to The Charlie Foundation to support updates - including new ingredients, meals and software upgrades - so that we can continue to make it available free of charge for years to come!

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